Clinical Documentation Improvement

The Physician Practice is Now Included in CDI

Clinical Documentation is widely recognized as the foundation for better patient outcomes, compliant coding and timely reimbursement. Proper documentation is also essential for correct quality reporting under value-based care and MACRA’s various quality payment programs.

Over the past decade, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) departments have been established in hospitals and health systems to assess and improve documentation quality. The physicians office is now shifting to be included in this clinical documentation focus and rather than being reactive, you need to be proactive so that you continue to meet timely filing reimbursement and shift to new methodologies. As organizations now expand their CDI programs into outpatient settings and across all payers, the need for trained clinical documentation improvement professionals continues to grow.

Exploding Healthcare Career Opportunity

According to a recent CDI focus group, CDI programs are rapidly moving into physician practices, rehabilitation clinics, value based purchasing, core measures and more. The barrier to these expansion plans is the ongoing shortage of qualified CDI professionals. As this shift happens, it is important to get a basic understanding of the new CDI requirements and guidelines as getting a credential could be on your plate later down the road.

MMI Opportunity

MMI currently offers the opportunity to take an introductory course to Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI). As CDI become more and more important, physician practices need office staff to be trained in this area. CDI is not just for coders and billers. Physicians, Nurses and Medical Assistants in a physicians office should all have an understanding of the new guidelines in order to have a proactive approach and stay complaint. Our CDI Basics course is available to help!