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ICD-10 Education

The implementation of ICD-10-CM coding in 2015 created seismic shifts for millions of medical coders worldwide. MMI helped new and experienced medical coders, billers, auditors and clinical documentation specialists obtain ICD-10-CM training and certification online. This training and certification is imperitive for the healthcare workforce. It is the responsibility of the certified coder to be educated and up to date so that they can minimize and prevent any lag time from adjusting to a new coding system. Also, this can prevent possible delays in payments that could effect their practice’s cash flow.

Are you still struggling with the specificity, terminology changes and other nuances of coding? We have nationally-recognized instruction staff and accredited, online medical coding courses ready assist.

“MMI has been nothing less than spectacular to work with. I have learned so much from the courses and the support from the staff is second to none!”

Debbie Goss

MMI Student

Online ICD-10 classes for effective learning

Skilled medical coders are in high demand, especially those that can successfully navigate ICD-10-CM and solve issues as they arise. Obtain your coding training and certification online through our user-friendly, online learning center:

  • User-friendly online platform
  • Seasoned, credentialed instruction staff available
  • Train and certify from home, no travel
  • Self-paced and convenient
  • Immediate feedback and reports detailing your progress
  • Live webinars for hands-on instruction
  • Group discussion areas
  • Interactive learning tool

MMI has helped hundreds of thousands of students move the needle on their medical coding and billing education. Through our classes, our students help their employers remain compliant with stringent coding and billing requirements.

When you take our classes, we’ll give you access to every MMI member benefit. Which include:

  • Unlimited instructor support from seasoned and nationally recognized instruction staff
  • Exclusive dscounts and savings on continuing education
  • Members-only helpful resources including access to newsletter and closed networking groups

“The MMI program is the way to go in preparing coders to be productive in the physician office environment. I have been a member for ten years and will use this program in the future for billing staff that want to  move up the chain to coder positions.”

Mark Farrow

MMI Employer

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