CPT® 2019 Professional Edition

CPT® 2019 Professional Edition is the defnitive AMA-authored resource to help health care professionals correctly report and bill medical procedures and services.

Providers want accurate reimbursement. Payers want e cient claims processing. Since the CPT® code set is a dynamic, ever- changing standard, an outdated codebook does not su ce. Correct reporting and billing of medical procedures and services begins with CPT® 2019 Professional Edition.

Only the AMA, with the help of physicians and other experts in the health care community, creates and maintains the CPT code set. No other publisher can claim that. No other codebook can provide the o cial guidelines to code medical services and procedures properly.

New for 2019!

  • New modifiers added to Appendix A
  • Editorial revisions of the code ranges located in the parenthetical notes for reseqenced codes to provide more succinct ranges
  • The addition of proprietary laboratory analyses (PLA) codes at the end of the Pathology/Laboratory section
  • An update of all procedural illustrations from spot color to full color
  • More detailed section titles and section labeling to improve code look up
  1. The CPT® 2019 Professional Edition codebook covers hundreds of code, guideline and text changes and features:
    • CPT® Changes, CPT® Assistant, and Clinical Examples in Radiology citations — provides cross-referenced information inpopular AMA resources that can enhance your understanding of the CPT code set
    • A comprehensive index — aids you in locating codes related to a speci c procedure, service, anatomic site, condition, synonym, eponym or abbreviation to allow for a clearer, quicker search
    • Anatomical and procedural illustrations — help improve coding accuracy and understanding of the anatomy and procedures being discussed
    • Coding tips throughout each section — improve your understanding of the nuances of the code set
    • Enhanced codebook table of contents — allows users to perform a quick search of the codebook’s entire contentwithout being in a speci c section
    • Section-speci c table of contents — provides users with a tool to navigate more e ectively through each section’s codes
    • Summary of additions, deletions and revisions — provides a quick reference to 2019 changes without having to refer to previous editions
    • Multiple appendices — o er quick reference to additional information and resources that cover such topics as modi ers, clinical examples, add-on codes, vascular families, multianalyte assays and telemedicine services
    • 18 comprehensive E/M code selection tables — aid physicians and coders in assigning the most appropriate evaluation and management codes
    • Adhesive section tabs — allow you to ag those sections and pages most relevant to your work