2020 E&M Coding Guide

The 2020 E&M Coding Guide give you an easy access pocket sized guide to all Evaluation and Management Codes and how to apply them. E&M codes can sometimes be a little tricky. So, why not have one place that you can keep on your desk for quick access. Rather than sifting through a bunch of pages in your coding manual, you will have everything in one spot.

Generally speaking, E&M codes represent established patient services that are not procedures. E and M codes are the most common set of medical codes, which makes many people assume that they are reporting these services properly. Studies show, however, that as much as 42% of E&M services are coded incorrectly. This, in turn, costs Medicare billions and results in more frequent audits. If you want to ensure that your practice maintains a steady revenue flow and avoids a potential lawsuit from improper coding, you will need to make sure your E&M skills are honed and up-to-date.

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If you would like some more detailed training on Evaluation and Management Coding, MMI offers an 18 CEU course. This course will bring you from the basic knowledge of E/M coding, all the way to an advanced knowledge and understanding. To learn more about this course, click HERE.  You can also get your Registered Evaluation and Management Specialist (REMS) certification with this training as well. To learn more about the REMS certification, please check out the ARHCP webpage: https://www.arhcp.org/arhcp-membership/.

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