It’s one of the realities of being a medical biller or coder: sometimes there is an error and a claim will get denied. Unfortunately, some claims can even be denied on multiple accounts, meaning that additional problems must be rectified in order for the claim to go through. In the first article of this two-part series, we discussed how to appeal a single claim that has been denied in multiple ways at the same time. In this entry, we will instead examine what to do if a claim is denied in multiple ways, but not all at once.

If the denials come at separate times through separate letters, then you must treat each one individually, even if they apply to the same claim. Though it may seem unnecessary, this is the easiest way to ensure that the different denials are kept up with and the time frames for both them and their appeals are more easily managed. As discussed in Part 1, retaining examples of similar claims that were approved in the past is a great way to argue your case the second time around. Hard evidence will always bolster your appeals better than grasping at straws.

Additionally, make sure to keep your various appeal letters straight so that you are always sending the proper one for each denial. With multiple denials coming at irregular intervals, it can be tricky to make sure you’re always sending the proper appeal. Be sure to keep all claims and their accompanying documentation in separate folders, and always double check which denial you’re fighting before you send the letter. If you need assistance in writing a compelling appeal letter, common reasons for denials and the proper way to argue your defense can be found here. Finally, remember that appealing multiple denials that were sent separately will take time. Be patient, and focus on preparing good letters and evidence you that you can speed the process along from your end as much as possible.