The end of the year is almost upon us, with the end of the year comes many different Holiday celebrations with family, friends, and coworkers. With the Holidays almost here, it is important to brush up on a few codes that may not be used as much throughout the year.

Hosting a Holiday celebration comes with several preparation duties like making the house super festive for your guests. While preparing for your guests, be sure to not W14 (fall from tree) or W11.xxA (fall on and from ladder, initial encounter) while hanging décor. Be sure to also beware of T75.4 (electrocution) and check all of your electric décor items before plugging them into a power source.

We are all guilty of saving shopping until the last possible second or forgetting a present, so when buying that last-minute gift to avoid Y92.59 (injury at a shopping mall). After finishing your shopping and rushing back to your car, be sure to be aware of your surroundings to avoid V06.00xA (pedestrian on foot injured in collision with other nonmotor vehicle in nontraffic accident, initial encounter) and W00.9ZZA (unspecified fall due to ice and snow, initial encounter) by watching for ice and snow.

Finally, the day has come to host the Holiday celebration. There are many potential dangers and injuries that could happen this day, but X15.8 (contact with other hot household appliances) is the most common while doing last minute touches on décor and preparing the Holiday meal. Also remember to watch your cooking to avoid X08.8 (exposure to other specified smoke, fire, and flames).

The Holiday celebration may be over. You can breathe a little since you have avoided all potential concerns, or have you? Beware of R12 (heartburn), T73.3xxA (exhaustion due to excessive exertion, initial encounter), Z72.820 (sleep deprivation). Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!