ICD-10 has brought along so many codes, many that may not get used throughout the year. Without a doubt, the holidays will be very different this year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with Thanksgiving tomorrow, it is very important to brush up on ICD-10 codes that may affect your coding or even you this Thanksgiving!

When it comes to the turkey, be careful to avoid W71.43 pecked by a turkey. When coding W71.43 be sure to include the 7th character to indicate initial encounter, subsequent encounter, or sequela. Be sure to also avoid W61.49 other encounter with a turkey, which includes being charged or scratched by a gobbler. This code will also require a 7th character to further explain the encounter.

When getting prepared for Thanksgiving, there are several codes that may not be used very often throughout the year, but can be very fitting for this holiday. Remember as you’re getting your yard straightened up to avoid W60 contact with sharp leaves, when coding the encounter we also need to further explain with XA for initial encounter, XD for subsequent encounter, and XS for sequela.

Now once Thanksgiving Day is here, there are more coding encounters to beware of. Things like W21 struck by sports equipment, specifically W21.01 stuck by sports equipment- football while playing outside with your family.

Other honorable mentions for ICD-10 Codes include: 

W29.1 contact with electric knife 

X10 contact with hot drink, food, fats and cooking oils

W61.42 struck by turkey

W61.49 other contact with turkey

K30 functional Dyspepsia (Indigestion)

R14.1 gas pain

T28.0 burn of mouth Pharynx

W29 contact with powered hand tool/household machinery

Z72.820 sleep deprivation

Z62.891 sibling rivalry

We hope you have brushed up on your ICD-10 codes for tomorrow for the holiday and have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!