So you’re thinking of beginning a career in medical coding, but have no idea where to begin or what the process of starting a coding career may even look like. Here are some tips to help you begin your medical coding career:

The first thing you should do is some research.

Think about where you would like your medical coding knowledge to take you. You may have to do some research in the industry to see what would best fit you and what you’d like out of your future career if you are completely unfamiliar with the industry. There are several paths that coding knowledge can take you, so it is best to at least start off with some idea of where you’d like to end up so you aren’t wasting money or time on a degree or certification(s). Once you have an ideal job in mind, look at job postings in your area for that job to see what employers typically ask for. That way you know you are working towards your ideal job with each step you take career wise.

Next, you’ll need some sort of educational training.

Whether you attend a certification school like MMI or get a degree. With education, you typically need to take at least one exam. The Registered Medical Coder (RMC) Certification Exam through Medical Management Institute is administered online and you have up to 24 hours to complete the exam attempt after starting it. MMI has the exam administered online to best reflect a professional scenario. The RMC training with MMI also prepares students to take the CPC Exam through AAPC. This exam is administered in a testing center with five hours and forty minutes to complete the exam. Either way, you will want to be sure you have all your resources ready to assist you in passing the exam!

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