HIPAA Compliance – CEU

HIPAA mandates HIPAA compliance training for those required to comply. All members of the workforce (including employees, volunteers, trainees, and others under the control of the organization) must be trained on HIPAA privacy policies and procedures.

Although there are no formal federal or state standards for HIPAA training, a strong HIPAA compliance training program can help ensure the required compliance.

Medical practices continue to fall under increased scrutiny for protecting health information (PHI). Certain information must be kept private, but the methods in which this information is protected from unauthorized persons are constantly being evaluated to ensure healthcare security.

Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in accessing systems, and breaches are often time-consuming and expensive. These hackers can create false identities for unsavory purposes and unfortunately, health records contain all information necessary to compromise a patient’s data and sabotage the patient’s credit and financial records.

The Office of Civil Rights is ramping up their audit activities in an effort to identify laxity in the healthcare community. This online HIPAA course will guide you through common situations in which an entity may be vulnerable.

About the Instructor 
Dorothy Steed has over 38 years experience in both hospital and physician billing, coding, reimbursement, and claims management, thoug hshe specializes in Medicare requirements.

The training format is online and self-paced with full instructor-support. CEU certificate is issued upon completion.

  • Estimated Length: 3 Hours
  • Worth: 3 CEUs
  • Pre-Approval: This course meets guidelines for 3 MMI CEU credits

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