Employers provide measures of success for coders. Most of the time they are productivity, or how many charts they can get code in a certain time, and efficiency, the quality of coding in the charts completed. In the end, most employers want an effective and productive coder.

The main trick to being a great coder is getting more done, correctly, and in less time. A balance of this can be difficult to achieve, even for veteran coders. But at the end of the day, if a coder codes 350 counters per day and over half of the encounters are rejected for coding errors, the number of encounters coded is meaningless because the quality is compromised.

Here are a few tips to be an effective AND productive coder:

  • Have a to do list
    • Trust me on this, checking things off a to do list throughout the day will make you feel more productive.
    • It will also help you layout all of your must do items for the day to ensure you are meeting your goals and deadlines.
  • Have a calendar
    • Either paper or online to easily reference when needed
    • Also to easily see any meetings, conferences, etc. coming up so you can allot them in your productivity schedule.
  • Break down every big project into tasks and subtasks helps you better estimate how long said project may take to complete
    • Having a bigger project may seem like it’s looming over your head, but if you break it up into smaller tasks and subtasks you can get smaller pieces done of the project throughout the week to get the project completed in time.
  • Set measurable goals daily and weekly
    • Having daily and weekly goals will help keep yourself in check throughout the week.
    • It also buffers in time in case unexpected life situations come up throughout the week.
  • Eliminate anything that could distract you from meeting your goals
  • Don’t place quantity over quality 
    • Quantity is NOTHING without quality.
  • Don’t let the day get away from you
    • There’s an expression to “Bite the frog.” If there is something you know you need to get done that day, do it first. Get it over with so the day doesn’t get away from you before you realize.