Our Online Instructor-Led Coding Course has become a favorite of many students. This course is taught 100% online over a 13-week period with the first 12 weeks going over the material and last week as a certification exam review. Each week students have the opportunity to meet on a live webinar with our lead instructor, Rhonda Granja.

We wanted to ask Rhonda a few questions to get her perspective on the course. Rhonda says her favorite part about the course is the interaction and getting to know the students. She adds flavor to make the course as personable as possible. She enjoys getting to talk to the attendees and pose questions to get them to think outside of the box. Rhonda believes coders need that as a skill and feels that the course offers them that opportunity.

“Our course prepares them for the future and certified coders typically make more money than non-certified individuals for the same role. The course is a great defense in the age of declining reimbursement and healthcare reform. Being able to defend billing patterns with book, chapter, and verse is our goal.”

If you are looking more into taking the course, Rhonda would tell you, “MMI has a family atmosphere. We truly strive for them to be successful and are passionate about you succeeding. We make it affordable and easy to attain the certification with a small commitment for about thirteen weeks. Having the interaction sessions each week empowers you and gives you the confidence to take the exam.”

Rhonda says she is looking forward to our next start date for the course to meet everyone. “I learn from the students just as I hope they learn something from me. Excitement is contagious! The course gives me the opportunity to look at coding scenarios from different points of view and coding together is fun. I can’t wait to begin!”

If you would like to learn more about the course and our next start date, please visit: https://mmiclasses.com/interactive-medical-coding-certification/