Medical Auditing

Medical Auditing Training and Certification

Industry medical auditing experts are stating that the move to ICD-10 requires more frequent medical coding audits and stronger billing compliance. Precise coding of claims is essential to maintaining a compliant and profitable practice as healthcare shifts from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement under MACRA’s Quality Payment Programs (QPPs).

The importance of your practice having someone who is certified in medical auditing is becoming greater and greater, as quality healthcare is dependant on accurate and complete medical record documentation and coding.

A certified medical auditor will be able to create an effective compliance program that will contain an annual review of coding and documentation in order to minimize risk and increase earning potential. Through an internal audit, they will be able to hone in on areas of weakness where more training and education could be beneficial to a practice in order to increase efficiency and overall revenue. Additionally, in the case that a payor is requesting the audit, the certified auditor will know what to do and how to handle these important situations. 

Having medical audit skills is becoming more and more important to the success of a physician practice as the nuances of compliant documentation and coding become more strict and the risks of being non-compliant are too great.”

Dorothy Steed


MMI’s medical auditing certification includes a focus on medical documentation, fraud, abuse, and penalties based on governmental guidelines. We take into account every stakeholder involved in the creation of the patient chart to identify deficiencies that may impact revenue and data quality. But medical auditing isn’t only about incorrect coding; it also assesses documentation gaps, billing errors, and data abstraction mistakes.

Train and Certify Online

The RMA certification is ideal for healthcare professionals already working in coding, billing, and compliance roles, as it will solidify your career focus and boost your earning potential. Everything is available via the Internet through our engaging, interactive platform. Seasoned, credentialed audit instructors are online throughout the six-month, self-paced program and as you complete the certification exam.

“MMI staff is always helpful with this process. MMI newsletters contain information that I frequently use as a reference. I strongly recommend this organization as a credentialing source.”