Medical Billing

Medical Billing Training and Certification

Medical billing is a rapidly growing healthcare profession. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to need 21% more medical billers by 2020. The main reason is because physician reimbursement is undergoing a dramatic change accompanied by new government regulations. The traditional fee-for-service coding and billing is being replaced with Quality Payment Programs under MACRA. Though these changes may seem intimidating at first, MMI is here to help you every step of the way.

Medical billers are very important in a physician office setting. The medical billers are the people who are mainly responsible for pulling money into a practice by managing the revenue cycle. They do the work of submitting and following up on all the claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for the services rendered. If the person in this position is not trained and certified, the medical practice could be missing out on significant revenue. Being a certified medical biller shows your knowledge and skills in the industry and billing cycle, which in turn gives physicians the confidence that their practice is being run efficiently.

MMI offers a nationally-recognized online Registered Medical Billing (RMB) certification specifically for the outpatient and physician-office settings. Here you’ll find the industry’s most up-to-date coursework, credentialing, and certification exams to fuel your billing career.

“I was able to get my certification for my RMB and had the very best customer service, not to mention no paperwork issues.”

L. Johnson

From Billing Job to Medical Career

Physicians rely on medical billers to get paid and keep their practices afloat. MMI is your top source for medical billing education, certifications, and resources to help your organization thrive under value-based care. For healthcare professionals already trained in basic anatomy and terminology, achieving your RMB is the next step.

You will complete all work online using our highly interactive and engaging learning platform. Knowledgeable faculty are available every step of the way to answer questions and guide you through your medical career journey.

Becoming a registered medical biller through MMI achieves three important goals:

  • Demonstrates your willingness to embrace greater revenue cycle challenges and to drive financial performance for your physician practice or medical group
  • Verifies your professional expertise as a medical biller and brings greater recognition from physicians, executives, industry professionals, and your peers
  • Builds a secure pathway to a life-long healthcare career in medical billing under value-based reimbursement

Why Should I Certify with MMI?

The RMB certification is nationally-recognized and includes membership in MMI with full access to our members-only benefits.

The RMB credential is only one of MMI’s online training and certification programs. Our holistic approach to online learning and medical certifications includes many more nationally-recognized certifications such as medical coding, management, auditing, and ICD-10.