Medical Management Institute (MMI) is excited to announce a partnership with Credly, a digital badges platform, to issue Association of Registered Healthcare Professionals (ARHCP) credentials. 

Members will now be able to share any of their ARHCP credentials including:

ARHCP members, students of MMI, are now able to share your credential via email, on your social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., and link to your digital credential to share with your employer or potential employer!

Through your digital badge, others will be able to see your credential, the skills you learned in your training, your certification date, your expiration date, and more! Learn more about Credly and digital badges here.

With the partnership with Credly, ARHCP members will be able to access a job board upon setting up their free Credly account. Once the member’s free Credly account is set up and their ARHCP digital bagde is accepted, you will be able to search jobs in your area related to your training and credential to assist in easing the stress of searching for a job.

We are excited about offering digital badges through Credly! This will be an additional membership benefit with ARHCP. We value our members and want to offer as many membership benefits as possible, including these digital credentials along with physical certificates and member cards still being issued.

For current ARHCP members, if you do have any questions about accepting your digital badge issued to you through Credly please email us!

If you are interested in becoming an ARHCP member, please email us for more information on our credentials and membership benefits.