Renew Your Certifications

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Multi-Certification CEU Renewal Bundles

It is important to renew all your certifications and multi-certifications because you don’t want all your time and hard work to go to waste. It’s easy to keep up with your credentials using all of MMI’s self-paced online multi-certification CEU bundles. Not renewing your credentials could hurt your career by making you less up-to-date with your field of work. Medical Management Institute offers exceptional, relevant online courses throughout the year, each of which are worth continuing education units (CEUs) for renewing RMC, RMM, RMA, RMB, and multi-certification members. These courses are also pre-approved through the AAPC for your CPC, COC (CPC-H), CPC-P, CPMA, and/or CPCP certification renewal (Core A). The multi-certification CEU guidelines are explained below.

As a an MMI member, you are required to submit the following amount of CEUs each year:

1 certification: 12 CEUs
certifications: 18 CEUs
certifications: 24 CEUs
4 certifications: 30 CEUs

As an AAPC member (outside organization), you are required to submit 36 CEUs every two years for your CPC, COC (CPC-H), CPC-P, CPMA, and/or CPCP certification renewal.

You can choose from these courses to gain the required CEUs and use the drop-down menu to add on your renewal fee for the RMC, RMM, RMA, and/or RMB. These courses are pre-approved through MMI and the AAPC. If you already have the required CEUs, you can email the documents/certificates directly to as an attachment or fax them to 678-669-2483 Attention: Renewal Department.

Group Enrollments

Discounted rates are available for enrollments of three or more. Contact an MMI representative to set up a customized plan.

Purchase online CEU courses in convenient bundles for additional savings:

Learn More  |  ICD-10 Coding Clinic Updates & Guidelines  |  12-18 CEUs  |  Pre-Approved: AAPC

Learn More  |  ICD-10 & Protecting Your Revenue  |  12-18 CEUs  |  Pre-Approved: AAPC

Learn More  |  Management & Compliance  |  12-18 CEUs  |  Pre-Approved: AAPC