ICD-10 & Other Factors Affecting Your Practice Cash Flow

Welcome to the ICD-10 & Other Factors Affecting Your Practice Cash Flow course, part of the Protecting Your Revenue During Turbulent Times online series. Successful revenue management hinges on two key elements:

  1. Strong documentation
  2. Strong coding/billing skills


Unless your contract with the specific payer includes language stating that they will provide coding and billing instruction, this will not happen. Their business is to process claims based on accurate reporting and to ensure medical necessity is supported. Regardless of any discussions with software vendors, they do not pay your claims. It is with the payer that coding/billing/documentation compliance standards must occur.

Staff Development

The healthcare industry has become increasingly complex, requiring greater financial understanding, the ability to employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and a greater focus on continuing education. Review these skill sets and determine where you/your staff fits and whether any changes are needed.

The staff member who is responsible for billing and coding functions is key to your financial health.  Her/his knowledge and skill set can make or break your profit margin, so it is crucial to select this person carefully.  Hiring errors for this position will be, costly so this is not a position for data entry skills. This employee should think outside the box and ask questions when uncertain.

Additional desired skill sets for your billing/coding staff are detailed further in this course, as are documentation standards and other factors directly affecting your practice’s cash flow.

Course Outline

  • Introductions
  • Documentation standards
  • Staff recommendations
  • Staff development
  • Additional factors affecting cash flow
  • Final exam: 25 questions
  • Estimated length: 6 Hours
  • Worth: 6 CEUs
  • Pre-Approval: This course meets AAPC guidelines for 6 CEU credits

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