Working remotely from home can have several positives like not spending money on several professional outfits and gasoline, or other means of transportation.

Yet, it could cause your career to come to a slow halt. Without working in office there’s no way to see how you conduct yourself within a professional environment, how you work directly with others, your confidence level about your job, problem-solving skills, and the impact you have on the company.

Most of the time companies will use recruiters to fill any open onsite positions, instead of moving the remote employee in office for the promotion. Working remotely by yourself can cause lost people skills from professional communication and being a team player, since typically these skills are not utilized in working remotely or from home. There is no camaraderie or in-person networking when working by yourself away from a team.

Working away from the main office can also sometimes cause a loss of resources like not knowing who to contact for certain issues or the best way to solve issues effectively and efficiently. Working on your own can also cause loneliness, anxiety, boredom, loss of interest in work, and other feelings.

If you want to be sure that you do not let the cons of working remotely outweigh the pros for you, you can do these simple tasks:

-Use your extra time from not commuting to take up a hobby.

-Stay involved in social activities and gatherings at work if possible.

-Plan personal gatherings with coworkers to maintain your relationships and stay connected.

-Join an organization where there are social aspects like toast masters, hobby clubs, or even a gym/fitness class.

-Take classes or go to conferences to develop your career. Always invite your coworkers to attend with you if possible.

-Use messaging tools like chat or emails to communicate with coworkers, even a simple good morning or have a great weekend go a long way