Medical Record Coding Compliance CEU

The Medical Record Coding Compliance CEU course is an affordable online course worth three MMI and AAPC-approved CEUs.These CEUs can be applied towards your RMC, RMM, RMA, RMB, CPC, COC (CPC-H), CPC-P, CPMA, and/or CPCP certification renewal (Core A).

After the encounter, the record must be coded for billing submission. Coding the claim correctly and completely is crucial for accurate and timely reimbursement. This course will begin by going through the action of coding the record and the importance of accuracy that is needed to be compliant. You will then learn who is qualified to code the encounter; this person is very important as they know all the guidelines and regulations that are needed to get paid correctly and efficiently. You will also learn the guidelines behind the accuracy in E&M and other specific guidelines to follow regarding coding. Lastly, you will get an overview of the Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) and how to issue one. This course is recommended for medical professionals, specifically medical coders, billers, managers, auditors, and clinical staff to continue their education and stay up-to-date.

Medical Record Coding Compliance CEU Course Format

The online CEU course is estimated to be between two and three hours long. It consists of online reading material, practice questions, and a short online final exam online. Upon successful completion, you will be emailed a PDF certificate worth three MMI and AAPC-approved CEUs.

  • Estimated Length: 3 Hours
  • Worth: 3 CEUs
  • Pre-Approval: This course meets AAPC guidelines for 3 CEU credits

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