Renew Your Coding Certification

In One Convenient Bundle!

RMC CEU Renewal Bundles

MMI offers everything you need to renew your registered medical coding certification in one convenient online bundle. The RMC CEU renewal bundles consist of the annual renewal fee, access to the RMC update exam, and exceptional, relevant, and up-to-date online courses worth the 12 required CEUs. Rather than having to purchase and process two separate items, MMI makes it easy by giving you the ability to check out in one fell swoop with all the CEUs you will need and the extension to give you extra time to complete them!

In addition, a majority of these courses are also pre-approved through the AAPC for your CPC, COC (CPC-H), CPC-P, CPMA, and/or CPCP certification renewal (Core A). MMI has excellent course material and a convenient and easy-to-use online learning site. Having AAPC-approved CEUs gives this option to all people with healthcare certifications who use MMI. 

Now more than ever, it is imperative to renew your RMC certification and complete the required continuing education units. You have already worked hard to complete and receive your certification, so it would be detrimental to all the progress you have made in your career to not renew. Certified coders should know that, especially in coding, there are constantly new updates in the industry. Because of this, if you don’t keep up with these changes, you will easily fall behind the pack. MMI does not want to see this happen, so we make it convenient for you to complete all the CEUs and increase the amount of time you need in one convenient bundle!

Purchase online CEU courses in convenient bundles for additional savings:

Learn More  |  ICD-10 Coding Clinic Updates & Guidelines  |  12-18 CEUs  |  Pre-Approved: AAPC

Learn More  |  ICD-10 & Protecting Your Revenue  |  12-18 CEUs  |  Pre-Approved: AAPC

Learn More  |  Management & Compliance  |  12-18 CEUs  |  Pre-Approved: AAPC

Group Enrollments

Discounted rates are available for enrollments of three or more. Contact an MMI representative to set up a customized plan.