Do you have a certification exam approaching? Whether you’re gearing up for the RMC, RMB, RMA, RMM, REMS, RRC, CPC, CCS, or any other certification exam, we have some great tips to offer you.

Before the exam, be sure you are turning off any distractions during studying. Even if it is just for fifteen minutes a day of non-distracted studying, that is better than an hour per day of distracted studying. Be sure to know the guidelines and policies, or at least remember where you can find specific policies and guidelines to cut down on searching time during the exam. If you have access to a practice exam, take it! Use the practice exam to your benefit, take notes from it, and learn what areas you need to brush up on before the certification exam. Make sure you get everything organized so you can easily reference everything on the day of the exam. Make sure all of your notes are legible. The night before the exam, be sure to take the night off from studying and just relax.

During your exam, be sure to take deep breaths. Be sure you have plenty of room to spread out and you are comfortable. Turn all distractions off once again to be completely present in the exam. Have a drink and snacks handy, and be sure to take a snack break when needed. With multiple choice questions, use that to your advantage. Use process of elimination and if needed use the answer choices to help you find the right answer. For any questions that you don’t know or can’t decide on, skip them. Don’t waste time trying to figure them out, be sure to write the question number down to come back to it and just in case you find the answer while working on another question.

Best of luck on your upcoming certification exam! We know you’ll do great!