The Registered Medical Coder (RMC) Certification is a nationally recognized outpatient medical coding credential and issued by the Association of Registered Healthcare Professionals (ARHCP). 

The ARHCP is the certifying branch of the Medical Management Institute (MMI), overseen and authorized under the Nonpublic Postsecondary Educational Institutions Act of 1990. With over 35 years of experience and an alumni base of nearly 250,000 students, MMI’s instructors have prepared some of the most successful certified medical coders, billers, auditors, and managers in the field.

The RMC program is specifically geared toward medical coding for outpatient and physician offices. The training is administered online and begins with the basics identifying the purpose of the CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS II code systems. Once those topics are established, it moves into federal healthcare regulations, audits, compliance, and how it all fits within the revenue cycle. 

The RMC training program covers:

  • Coding conventions when assigning ICD-10-CM, CPT®, and HCPCS II codes
  • Each section of the CPT® manual with an emphasis on terminology, modifier usage, coding guidelines, and coding practice
  • Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding with a detailed focus on levels of service
  • Additional guidance, updates, and learning tools on how to apply the ICD-10-CM coding guidelines
  • HCPCS Level II with an emphasis on temporary national codes, supplies and DME, modifiers, as well as services that are routine, non-covered, or not medically necessary.
  • An overview of the Medicare Program with additional training on special CMS coding rules, billing rules, modifiers, and the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI)

The RMC certification exam is a 150 question exam and is completed after the 120-hour training program through MMI.

RMC credential holders keep their credential active by annually submitting 12 Continuing Education Units relevant to the certification content. Unlike other coding credentials, the RMC also requires an annual update exam on the current year’s coding changes in order to ensure that RMC Credential holders stay up-to-date on all coding changes.

Be sure to join MMI’s next Online Instructor Led RMC course starting Thursday, May 21, 2020. Learn more and register here.