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Online Medical Coding Certification & The Healthcare Industry

An online medical coding certification is the easiest way to earn a credential right from the comfort of your own home. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for medical coding professionals who are certified. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of technical workers in the healthcare field to increase 21.5% within the 2012-2022 decade, which means that there will be countless new job opportunities in all corners of the country.

Why Is There an Increase in Medical Coding Jobs?

There are a few reasons behind why such a big shift is taking place in the healthcare industry, one being the demographics of the United States. Currently, the Baby Boomers are all over the age of 50; as a result, they have a greater number of medical conditions, which means a need for more coders and medical professionals. Also, with the transition to ICD-10 there has been an astronomical increase in the amount of codes that are used. Although this allows for greater accuracy in the way physicians and insurance companies communicate, it also means that it takes more time to code visits accurately. As a result, medical facilities need more coders in order to maintain productivity. Thankfully, an online medical coding certification is the perfect way for you to join the growing field.

Online Medical Coding Certification – Salary & Career Path

Certified coders also see a significant salary boost. According to a recent study done by the AAPC, the average coder’s annual salary increases by 20%, meaning that certified coders earn on average $7,000-$10,000 more per year than their non-certified counterparts. With these kinds of benefits, your certification will pay for itself as you advance in your career.

Once you start on this path of getting your online medical coding certification, there is ample opportunity for growth and advancement in your career. With your training and experience, you can work towards a higher credential down the road and create a successful career for yourself. With options such as patient information director, quality management coordinator, and medical practice manager, the opportunities are endless as long as you make sure to invest in yourself.

“MMI is great to do business with. We require staff to be certified within a year of employment, so I work with MMI closely. Their test is tough but fair, and service is always excellent.”

Bud Clevenger, RMC, CEO of MD Billing Services, LLC

Importance of Getting an Online Medical Coding Certification

Certified medical coders are extremely important to any hospital or physician office. Medical billers and coders are responsible for the management of all patient records and payments and, as a result, are the glue that holds practices together. Without these workers, no hospital or physician practice would make money and no healthcare employee would get paid. In other words, medical billers and coders are the main reason why the entire industry flows properly.

With recent technological advances, it is more important than ever to become certified as a coder. As the medical job market looks bigger and brighter, the competitiveness increases, making it increasingly more difficult to succeed down this career path without an official certification. Employers are upping their hiring criteria and are now looking for professional credentials as well as hands-on experience in the field. Getting an online medical coding certification sets you apart from the pack, and getting your certification with a trusted institute that wants to see you succeed will set you apart even further.

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“I’ve been working with the MMI group for over 15 years.  I like their professionalism, yearly testing, and availability of educational resources. I recommend MMI to anyone looking for coding classes.” 

Trish Creech, RMC, RMA, RMM, RMB, CAC, CPT

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